At BenefitEdge Insurance Services, it is our goal to help your HR team effectively manage and maintain your company’s employee benefits.

We are an employee benefits brokerage that provides value added services designed to help your company save time in the administration of the employee benefits.

Within the context of a traditional broker relationship, we provide an HR support team that will complement your staff. We are committed to helping you reduce the mundane administrative tasks associated with your plans allowing you to focus on HR issues that require your time and expertise.

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Everyone (including me!) is just so impressed and thankful for all the service you’ve provided us. I just want to thank you on everyone’s behalf here at UMI.

Lynn, United Mechanical Inc.

Online Enrollment

One of the greatest challenges for employers and employees alike, is completing all of the necessary paper materials for the insurance carriers. For Employees, they must complete multiple forms that are sometimes very extensive and complex. Your HR Team must then check to make sure they are complete and then forward them to the appropriate […]

Benefit Management

Each year it is a difficult task to decide which benefit plans make the most sense for your employee population. We help you evaluate the renewal costs for all of your plans, review the volume of employee benefit issues from our customer service call center, and aggressively research the insurance market to come up with […]

Customer Service Center

Throughout the year, it is inevitable that your employees will encounter difficult situations as they utilize their benefits.  BenefitEdge provides a customer service number and a client specific email address where they can reach an advocate to help with those issues. Claims Advocate to Help Your Employees Our call center is available Monday- Friday between […]