Benefit Management

Each year it is a difficult task to decide which benefit plans make the most sense for your employee population.

We help you evaluate the renewal costs for all of your plans, review the volume of employee benefit issues from our customer service call center, and aggressively research the insurance market to come up with the plan options that make the most sense for the upcoming plan year.

We take ownership in making sure that each and every one of your programs is the best value for your benefit dollars.

Once the decisions are made, the work is just beginning as we help you create all of the open enrollment communications, schedule and host all of the open enrollment meetings and prepare the on-line open enrollment system for activation.

Maximizing Your Benefit Dollars

Once a year your broker has the important task of providing a comprehensive analysis of your employee benefit options.  The objective of this process is to help the company find the insurance programs that meet your renewal objectives and provide the greatest value for your employee benefit dollars.

At BenefitEdge Insurance, we utilize a proven process that has helped all of our clients reach their renewal objectives each and every year.  This process is made up of multiple elements;

Preliminary Marketing Meeting

One of the most important facets of making the marketing process successful is timing.  If the process is not started early enough, your options become very limited and a proper communication campaign is virtually impossible.

With that in mind, at least three months prior to renewal, we schedule a meeting to strategize with you.  The objective of this meeting is to discuss your impressions of the current benefit plans and solicit your input regarding the company objectives for the upcoming plan year.

At this initial meeting, we will provide information regarding current insurance carrier rate trends, review benchmark standards for comparable employers and provide you a summary from our servicing database of overall performance of the plans.  Additionally, we can perform a web-based employee survey to solicit their feedback regarding the benefits.   

Beginning the Marketing Process

Having established a mutual understanding of the renewal objectives, we can then begin the marketing process.  We start by requesting quotes from competing insurance carriers.  Although it is not our intent to suggest clients regularly change insurance carriers, it is imperative that we help your company evaluate how cost competitive your benefits are in relation to the rest of the market.  Additionally, we can use competing insurance carrier costs to negotiate with your current carriers for lower rates.