Customer Service Center

Throughout the year, it is inevitable that your employees will encounter difficult situations as they utilize their benefits.  BenefitEdge provides a customer service number and a client specific email address where they can reach an advocate to help with those issues.

Claims Advocate to Help Your Employees

Our call center is available Monday- Friday between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm. All calls are answered by a live person who can help them resolve any benefit related issue they may have.  Additionally, all communications are logged into our servicing database with proper follow up tasks scheduled, ensuring all issues are resolved completely.

Keeping Your Employees Focused and Your Company Protected

Having this resource enables your employees to hand off the research and communication for their issue to a professional that deals with claims related problems every day.   This also reduces the amount of time they have to spend during the work day attempting to resolve these types of problems.

For issues that need more complex help regarding claims, etc., we make sure they provide us with a HIPPA privacy authorization before any work on their behalf is executed.

Ultimately, we help your company reduce potential privacy exposures associated with    Protected Health Information.

You Establish How This Resource is Provided

As the employer, you decide if you want the employees to have direct access to this service or if you want communication to come first through the HR department.  It is the desire of BenefitEdge Insurance to make sure we are helping you and the employees on a day-to-day basis, allowing your time and attention to be focused on other tasks that need your expertise.