Online Enrollment

One of the greatest challenges for employers and employees alike, is completing all of the necessary paper materials for the insurance carriers.

For Employees, they must complete multiple forms that are sometimes very extensive and complex.

Your HR Team must then check to make sure they are complete and then forward them to the appropriate insurance carriers.

For all of our clients, we set up and maintain electronic enrollment systems whether it is BeneTrac, ADP-HRB, Ascentis, or other system you prefer. These systems allows all employees and new hires to log on and make their benefit elections during their new hire period and at open enrollment.  This system is also a benefits portal available throughout the year for your HR team, as well as the employees and their dependents.
System Highlights

  • Real-Time Access to Information for both administrators and employees. Benefits data can be changed, updated or reviewed at any time, from any location. Employees and their families can access their benefits information whenever they want, from home or any place where they have Internet access.
  • In addition to new hires and terminations, online systems supports the various life events of employees and their families such as changes in marital status, adding or deleting dependents, or changes of address.
  • Human Resources is the controller with ultimate control of all data, including enrollments, terminations, and demographic changes. HR must approve all transactions before being transmitted to the carrier.
  • These online system’s standard reports are the result of extensive feedback from benefit administrators. These include audit reports, tools to reconcile carrier billings, employee directories, enrollment recaps, census reports, spreadsheets, and many others.  These systems provide a standard import/export feature so the need to double-key data into a mission-critical system such as payroll or HRIS is avoided.