Carrier Billing Audits

We know that regardless of how diligent you are with your eligibility processing practices, the insurance carriers will inevitably make enrollment and billing mistakes.  It is not always possible for our clients to dedicate the necessary time on a regular basis to audit their insurance bills and make sure that employees are enrolled appropriately and billed accordingly.  At BenefitEdge Insurance, we consider it our responsibility to help you identify any issues and participate in correcting them.

Eligibility Audits
We routinely monitor the employee change reports from electronic systems and make sure that any requested eligibility changes are appropriate. Additionally, we continually pull eligibility reports from the system and verify the enrolled status of each employee against our servicing system.

Billing Audits
We audit our client’s billing statements to verify all rates are accurate and any requested changes and the associated adjustments, are correct. We then provide you with a comprehensive report identifying any errors.

We Then Help With the Corrections

Once the audits are completed and we have provided the report itemizing any issues, we then ask you, as the client, to verify the required corrections.  Once the necessary corrections are confirmed, we take responsibility for making sure the insurance carrier(s) make the necessary changes.