Cobra Administration

Managing COBRA is a very challenging process that if not handled correctly, creates a substantial liability to the company.  We find that most employers use a variety of strategies to assist with their Federal COBRA responsibilities.

In some cases, their broker may handle all or a portion of the required tasks.  In other cases, employers are attempting to manage it on their own or paying an outside firm to assist in the process.

BenefitEdge Insurance Provides COBRA Administration at No Cost

As our corporate client, all of your COBRA needs can be administered at no additional cost.  This includes all required communications to new hires and former employees.  It also includes premium billing, collection and remission to the different insurance carriers.  We will work with your current COBRA vendor, however, we currently have a relationship with Ceridian, TASC, IGOE, COBRA Plus Administrators, COBRAHelp, CBA Administers, etc.  The best part, is that we pay the monthly fee for COBRA administration.

Simple Communication of Eligibility Changes

If your company elects to use our online enrollment system, new hires and terminations are very easily reported as part of your normal update process in the system.  Any changes to an employee’s status are reported electronically to our administrator and the communication process begins.

If you are not using the online system, your changes can be communicated with either the new hire enrollment applications or our standard electronic notification form.

COBRA Audits and Reports

Based on a schedule determined by your HR team, we will provide regular COBRA audits and summary reports that itemize all communication and billing activity.

We Do Not Want to Change What is Working

Some of our new clients have a positive established relationship with another COBRA vendor.  With that in mind, if you choose to keep your current COBRA vendor, we will contact them and ask them to begin billing us for your monthly COBRA expenses.