Affordable Care Act (ACA) “Obamacare”

We are Affordable Care Act (ACA) certified and provide constant monitoring of ACA laws and updates as they happen.  We are closely montoring the new “Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) and will provide updates as we are notified.

There are a myriad of Federal, State and Local regulations to which companies at any size are subject.  Failure to comply with these laws subject companies to substantial fines and sanctions. The vast majority of fines and awards imposed on employers are due to ignorance of the law rather than willful transgressions. Additionally, in today’s litigious society, there is always a threat of lawsuits brought by current and former employees, which are potentially expensive and debilitating to the employer.

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Many organizations, especially those too small to have professional HR support, are often unaware of potential problem situations, or are aware that there may be problems but don’t have the expertise or the time to assess and deal with these issues.  We provide up-to-date resources and tools at your fingertips.

Additionally, we offer a handbook builder tool and can assist with certain mandates such as harassment training and offer courses that develop employees and ensure compliance.

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