Below are a few testimonies from our satisfied customers.

Thank you for the good work.  It so important to help the teachers with these kinds of problems so that they can concentrate on their teaching.


I really appreciate you checking in with me and if you’re in the area, just stop by to chat.  I and the employees are very happy with the support you have provided!  You have been WONDERFUL!!!!!


L Murphy

Office Administrator (aka Construction Diva)

Thanks so much for remembering me on my special day.  You have been so great to work with that I want you to know how appreciated you are.

Best regards,

E. Powell (VP Finance)

Thanks again.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  It really is a pleasure dealing with people who know what they are doing and care about others.

D. Brown (Employee)

You guys have been wonderful and I always tell a potential client just that.  Please feel free to put me down as a reference.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

L. Butler (HR Manager)

Thank you so much.  You guys are great!  This has been the most professional and friendly response I have ever experienced in my business career.  You should let your superiors know how much I appreciate your customer service!

R Tyson (Regional Manager, North Carolina)

Hi BenefitEdge,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how great my experience working with Rachel Borello has been. Over the last few months I have had several difficulties come up with my Blue Shield plan but Rachel has worked endlessly to make sure that everything was handled correctly and that I was ok. I never imagined that I would have such medical problems throughout my pregnancy in which I would rely so heavily on my insurance plan. I honestly believe that had it not been for Rachel I would have grouped your company and Blue Shield as one and been extremely dissatisfied. I am well aware that mistakes happen to everyone but am a firm believe that it is how you handle them that matter. Working with Rachel gave me the utmost confidence in Benefit Edge and made me feel that I was not alone during an extremely difficult time. She has also followed up with me since then just to make sure I was doing ok and hadn’t had any further problems. I just wanted to let you know what a true asset she is to your company!

Thank you again!

K Cummings

Good Morning BEIS

Thank you so much for the follow up email regarding this matter.  That is a great relief, because I was not sure if I was going to have to change doctors and everything, so this is great news.  You just made my life a little bit easier.  Thanks and have a great day!

C Merrel

WOW!!  Thank you for your prompt and efficient service!!!  You have been a blessing to me and I appreciate it!!  Thanks again.

Blessings, L Ferrante

The employees and staff love your responsiveness and attention to detail.  We all love the online system called BeneTrac, it really has made everyone’s life easier here.  You guys are good listeners and we love how you tailored your renewal presentation to meet the needs of our company.  The way you compared the current plans to the renewal options was very helpful in assisting our decision making.  We also like how you showed the employer costs and how they are affected by the different plans.

S Nicholson, HR Manager, Sensiba San Filippo

Your help has been invaluable.  As usual you can use me as a reference anytime.

Thanks again,


Thanks Steve [or BEIS], you continue to always go above and beyond what is expected.

P Sakauye, HR Staffing and Benefits Manager Parrot Cellular

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You both are “awesome”! After dealing with the medical/health care system all day, your kindness, responsiveness, professionalism, and efficiency is a total breath of fresh air.   I am immensely grateful to both of you for your help and speedy action!

S Lencioni

Thanks so much for the great service and all the things you and Rachel do to make our benefits rock!

Best Regards,


I just wanted to let you know that today when Paul came back from being offsite, I reminded him he needed to respond to your email (Kiley went to the dentist a month ago and the claim was rejected, which is how we discovered she wasn’t covered).  People overheard me, and like 5 of them jumped in and told me, no matter what I do, we have to stick with you and Benefit Edge for benefits.

Everyone (including me!) is just so impressed and thankful for all the service you’ve provided us.  I just want to thank you on everyone’s behalf here at UMI.  I told them that I’m CONSTANTLY getting hounded by benefits agents and I tell them – “sorry, but we’re not changing agents, so there is no reason for a meeting or anything else, but thank you.

We really appreciate you and Steve for all your assistance, guidance, etc.!  Benefit Edge ROCKS!!!!!!

Lynn, United Mechanical Inc.

I DO appreciate your incredible level of customer service and effort.  I recognize that this is a highly unusual situation.  My family and I appreciate all that you and BenefitEdge are doing and have done to make this work.


I know I keep saying this — but I’m really glad that we’ll be working together. So far, you’ve lived up to your sales promises!

Danette, VP HR, Nitinol Devices and Components